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It’s crazy when you compare the cost of things we buy (sometimes without even thinking about the cost) and see how far that same money could go in improving the lives of a family in Africa. For the price of a designer t-shirt, we could give three whole families goat farms!
We did a few other comparisons just for fun and the results are pretty startling:

Two sets Apple Airpods - $250
One pair Adidas Men’s Yeezy Boost 350 V2 $537
Eight Flocks of Chickens That can provide EIGHT FAMILIES each with a flock of chicken to create eight chicken farms
One Playstation VR System $400 (estimated life span about 2 years or until the next new system comes out and this is obsolete)
2 pairs of Doc Martens $200 each (life span about 5 years)
One Lux Makeup Trio- Louboutin Luminous Eyeliner, 1 oz La Mer Foundation,SK-II Pitera Essence Skin Moisturizer 5.4 oz $400 (life span about 3 months)
THREE Goat packages for THREE families to create three goat farming businesses
One Gucci 5 inch Leather Mini Shoulder Bag $1000
TWO Breeding Cow packages which includes a young female cow and training in care and breeding for two families
One Pair Lululemon Fast and Free High Rise Leggings $120
One goat package for one family to begin producing milk and cheese on their goat farm
The Row Wesler White T-Shirt $380
THREE sheep package for THREE families to begin three sheep farm operations

As you can see there are many ways you can help. We put together a quick list of easy ways that you can help bring farming livelihoods to families in Africa and help sustain a new generation to achieve more

You could:

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