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Jembe Fund is a registered 501c3 nonprofit, founded in 2019 by Mutua Kasinga, a 14 year old student from Houston, Texas. With the goal of giving other kids like him an easy way to do their part to help, the organization’s focus is on helping to alleviate world hunger.

Mutua wants to help kids like him to understand how little it takes to completely transform the lives of kids in developing countries. For example just one gaming system is enough to provide a starter herd of goats for a peasant farmer in Africa.

Through Jembe Fund peasant farmers are able to feed their family and earn income that they can use to pay for essentials like health care and school tuition for their children. The hope is that providing this small stepping stone, families can progress to investing in further farm equipment and generating enough resources to handle catastrophic emergencies, such as severe weather and drought caused by climate change.

By pledging the equivalent of a new gaming console or pair of sneakers, you can help lift a peasant farmer and her children out of poverty and give them the means to self-sustain and prosper.